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12-12-2022485Add moc includes to speed up Qt compilation
23-05-2021446Exclude lines in less (or journalctl)
17-03-2021439Record your Linux Desktop with ffmpeg and slop to any format
27-12-2020427Bash HTTP monitoring dashboard
26-08-2020416Get all SSH public keys from gitlab
25-08-2020415Get number of incoming connections on specific port with ss
02-10-2019391Send commands or input to a detached screen session
02-09-2019388Bash bits: split a file in blocks and do something with each block
14-07-2019387Bash bits: find has a -delete flag
06-07-2019385GNUplot tips for nice looking charts from a CSV file
23-05-2019375Match dig server with systemd-resolvd server
07-05-2019373Bash Bits: Find all files containing specific text (and remove them)
06-05-2019372Bash Bits: Randomize a cronjob to run between 00:00 and 06:00 hours
05-05-2019371Bash Bits: Check if a program is installed - Convert URL or RSS feed to text with readability
20-03-2019365Simple pygopherd log analyzer
18-03-2019364Disable motd news or (parts of) the dynamic motd on Ubuntu
03-03-2019361Viewing PDF, .docx and .odt files in mutt (as text)
26-02-2019360Get a JSON value with bash and sed
13-11-2018355Line total (up+down sum) in PHP Network Weathermap
17-10-2018351Find files in tar archives and extract specific files from tar archives
10-09-2018349Service checks in LibreNMS (http, all other Nagios plugins)
03-09-2018348tping - ping with a timestamp
23-07-2018343Send email with multiple inline images via bash with a loop
01-06-2018336GPG noninteractive batch sign, trust and send gnupg keys
29-10-2017310ncdu - for troubleshooting diskspace and inode issues
09-04-2017303Check HTTP status code for a page on all DNS records
25-09-2016291Firefox History stats with Bash
03-09-2016283Reset iptables to ACCEPT all (backup and remove all existing rules)
31-12-2015263Recursively find all [installed] package dependencies
11-12-2015259Generate hashes of files with rhash for archival storage
11-03-2015239Automating Openstack with cloud init run a script on VM's first boot
08-03-2015234Solve word puzzles with bash
18-01-2015227OpenVZ/Proxmox - pre-backup all container dump script
05-01-2015223Shared Git repository over ssh for multiple users
21-12-2014215Clear Uncluttered SSH client config with Ansible
14-10-2014197Check and Fix SSL servers for SSLv3 connections or the Poodle CVE-2014-3566 bug
24-09-2014195Patch Shellshock)with Ansible
14-09-2014191Set your IP as wallpaper - Command Line Fuck Off as a Service client
01-09-2014189Get the current or all Firefox tab urls in Bash
11-07-2014186OpenVZ/Proxmox - Container to Template
10-07-2014185Proxmox VE - One Public IP
04-02-2014161OpenSSL: Get all certificates from a website in plain text
30-01-2014157Check if passwordless sudo can be used in a bash script or nagios check
18-01-2014156Remove unused CentOS/Red Hat kernels
30-12-2013153Bash Bits: Simple command line arguments
28-10-2013134Remove unused Ubuntu kernels
21-09-2013127Bash Bits: Check if item is in array
18-09-2013126Bash Bits: Add colour output to your script
15-09-2013125Bash Bits: Debug Logging
14-09-2013124Bash Bits: Trap Control C (SIGTERM)
29-06-2013108bdsh - Whitelist Restricted Shell
26-06-2013105Bash Incremental History Search / Autocomplete
09-03-201378Screenfetch installation tutorial
08-03-201377Better Cron env and shell control with the SHELL variable
07-03-201376Word occurrence counter and analyzer
20-01-201365Restrict SSH
22-10-201249Ray-Mon - PHP and Bash server status monitoring
09-09-201242Complete word count analysis of Security Now, episode 1 trough 370.
06-09-201241Correctly grep and display the uptime, load average and amount of users commandline bash wget downloader
28-06-201235ProxBash - a bash script to manage Proxmox VE
10-06-201234Ubuntu/Debian update mailer
16-05-201232Bash - do something in every subdirectory
13-05-201231Bash script to list all changed files in certain period
12-02-201229NurseCalc o2 - Bash script and online app for Oxygen Calculations
01-02-201228NurseCalc Infuus - Bash script and Online app for infusion and drip (speed) Calculations
01-01-201227Some Bash and Arch Tweaks
01-01-201018Customize your Clonezilla Live CD
14-09-200812Bash script for massive rename to numbers
15-06-200810Convert FLV's to MP3
03-02-20088Bash ja/nee keuze
29-11-20077Imagemagick thumbnailer