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RSS feed for this tag.

12-07-2024 22:30513Leaf Node Monitoring v2024.02 released, autostart, ssl certificate expiry and minimize to tray
15-06-2024 22:30507Leaf Node Monitoring v2024.01 released, better notifications and history
27-12-2020427Bash HTTP monitoring dashboard
25-08-2020415Get number of incoming connections on specific port with ss
06-07-2019385GNUplot tips for nice looking charts from a CSV file - Convert URL or RSS feed to text with readability
20-03-2019365Simple pygopherd log analyzer
13-11-2018355Line total (up+down sum) in PHP Network Weathermap
10-09-2018349Service checks in LibreNMS (http, all other Nagios plugins)
03-09-2018348tping - ping with a timestamp
08-08-2018346Python script to talk to LibreNMS API and get alerts and hosts
16-05-2018334Icinga2 / Nagios / Net::SNMP change the default timeout of 60 seconds
20-03-2018314Essential Monitoring checks
29-10-2017310ncdu - for troubleshooting diskspace and inode issues
18-09-2017308atop is broken on Ubuntu 16.04 (version 1.26): trap divide error
11-09-2016287Nagios 4 + Nagiosgraph (latest) installation on Ubuntu 12.04 & 14.04
11-06-2014180OSSEC 2.8 Server, Client, Web UI and Analogi Dashboard Installation tutorial
30-01-2014157Check if passwordless sudo can be used in a bash script or nagios check
29-11-2013140ntop-ng 1.1 installation on Ubuntu 12.04
01-10-2013128Uninstall and Remove OSSEC
07-09-2013123OSSEC Server, Client, Web UI and Analogi Dashboard Installation tutorial
13-08-2013118Bind DNS Query Graph Charts with GNUPlot
30-07-2013116Nagios - Hide all hosts in hostgroup
06-05-201393Nagios plugin to check an OCSP server
03-05-201392Nagios plugin to check Safenet HSM
02-05-201390Nagios plugin to check CRL expiry in minutes
12-04-201388Munin plugin to show Logstash/Kibana messages per hour
09-04-201387Set up a Collectd client
09-04-201386Set up a Collectd server with web frontend
02-02-201370Munin - Fix MySQL plugin on Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian 6
31-01-201369Munin - Set up the NGINX status plugin on Ubuntu 12.04
21-12-201261Python script to monitor a file for changes and then mail the report with the file attached.
08-12-201256Munin optimization guide for Debian (rrdcached, tmpfs, ionice and nice)
22-10-201249Ray-Mon - PHP and Bash server status monitoring
24-09-201245Nagios plugin to check certificates on local file system
09-04-20089Setting up Motion with FTP and Email! support