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All items tagged with: 'bash-bits'

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02-09-2019388Bash bits: split a file in blocks and do something with each block
14-07-2019387Bash bits: find has a -delete flag
07-05-2019373Bash Bits: Find all files containing specific text (and remove them)
06-05-2019372Bash Bits: Randomize a cronjob to run between 00:00 and 06:00 hours
05-05-2019371Bash Bits: Check if a program is installed
26-02-2019360Get a JSON value with bash and sed
30-12-2013153Bash Bits: Simple command line arguments
21-09-2013127Bash Bits: Check if item is in array
18-09-2013126Bash Bits: Add colour output to your script
15-09-2013125Bash Bits: Debug Logging
14-09-2013124Bash Bits: Trap Control C (SIGTERM)